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About Customer Engagement: Free Thoughts.

ottobre 9, 2011

Today, all the ICT opinion leaders and new media experts are using the same set of common words: mobile, social, cloud computing, collaboration, apps, engagement and more and more about partecipative environments, like social network platforms are. But what it means really in a market that experimenting a strong revenues regression year by year? How to bring innovative models in a industy that could contribute to slow the effects of the piracy?

Are you loosing revenues in physical and digital distribution ‘cause torrent, emule and other p2p stuff? Make the artwork (music or game or movie) a unique experience and don’t worry about the percentage of free downloaders; you can’t win against all of them, but you should engage most of the consumers linking the artwork in a way that requires a real action, a partecipative way to capture their attention.

Distraction. Make a distraction like an illusionist, by using new devices. Devices features like gyroscope, embedded photo and movie,  geolocalization, enables new exciting mode to engage the users.

It’s all about gaming. People love to joke, people love play a game and share their experience, if it is a nice experience, of course.

Why not sell a digital album as an app where some tracks are to be found in the real world using, for example,  QR coding technique? You may create a specific corner in a music store where the customer must point his smarthpone and scan the QR code to download the song. Discovery the hide content it’s like a treasure hunt. Also the fastest check-in in the store can be premiated.

Why not to use wireless webcam control in a live event in the same way I’m using to control the weather about my skiing preferred location before moving? You may create an app that make the consumer a director, selling a low priced ticket to partecipate to the event in livestream mode, but with the great opportunity to be the man who controls the camera sequence. You should putting several IP addresseable webcams around the stage and recording all the stream from that webcams along the same timeline. The remote user, via an app, can drive the camera sequence, his own point of view of the show and the “best director” voted by a community in a website, can be premiated in the way you want. This is, again, a way to play a game.

Are you a TV show producer? Do you know Harry Potter? 🙂  I think yes, of course. Do you remember the “imperio” curse? Why not create an app for a show that enable a remote control from selected users in a show, using the inside gyroscope of a smarthphone or tablet to control the actions of a blindfolded actor across a labirynth? It could be funny, isn’t it?

People dislike advertising, but advertising is a strong source of revenues for every publisher. Why not engaging people in the advertising? I recently experimented two great facebook applications that using Facebook Connect: True Blood Immortalize Yourself by HBO, and The Museum of Me by Intel. Both applications are made to promote a brand using something new: the strong user characterization offered by FB platform, so the user can watch a video created on the fly, with his own content: his photo and his friends photo inside the trailer. The next step, I think, should be the possibility to include other digital assets owned like music, movie, artworks and the possibility to save and share the results over the web.

Why not include the term “fun” in the next marketing campaign?

Stay Tuned.